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Buy Mifeprex Mifepristone Pill

Buy Mifeprex Mifepristone Pill Online

Mifeprex - Mifepristone

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Mifeprex Tablet is an abortion pill used in the early part of pregnancy. Mifeprex pill contain active salt of Mifepristone which has property of ant Progesterone and Antiglucocorticoids. It terminates pregnancy in 69 days.

Mifeprex Pill act by binding to progesterone receptor and block its pharmacological action. Inhibition of Progesterone which is also known as pregnancy hormone is a principle action behind the termination of pregnancy in women. Mifeprex also act by dilating cervix and changing the line of uterus.

Mifeprex tablets is a prefer drug used in the termination of pregnancy cause by unprotected sexual intercourse. It is the first line drug of emergency birth control. It is also used in the treatment of Cushing's syndrome due to its Antiglucocorticoids activity.

Dose and Directions of Mifeprex Pill

Mifeprex is an oral dosage form. It consists of three tablets of total 600 mg, which is considered as a single dose. Take one dose of Mifeprex with a glass of water. It must be taken with 48 hours of unprotected sex. If you are still pregnant then take an extra dose of Mifeprex.

If you have accidentally taken overdose of Mifeprex then immediately consult your doctor.

Drug Interaction With Mifeprex Tablets

Mifeprex pill may interact with drugs that may increase the chances of bleeding such as Aspirin, Warfarin and other blood thinners. When Mifeprex is combined with Anticonvulsant it decreases its effectiveness. It may also interact with Azole Antifungals, Corticosteroids. Rifampin and Rifabutin.

Contraindication of Mifeprex Pill

Mifeprex pill is contraindicated in patient who is allergic to this drug. Do not use this drug if you are a pregnant or breast feeding women. Do not take this drug if you are taking any intra uterine devices. It is also contraindicated in bleeding or blood related problems.

Storage Condition of Mifeprex Pill

  • Keep the drug at temperature from 15 to 30° C.
  • Keep away the drug to the reach of children and pets.
  • Place Mifeprex at cool and dry place.
  • Protect it from excessive light and moisture.
  • Do not use the drug after its expiry date.

Side Effects of Mifeprex Pill

Possible side effects of Mifeprex tablets include headache, nausea, vaginal bleeding, shortness of breath, stomach pain, tiredness, fainting, vomiting, dizziness, abdominal and back pain. These effects lasts only till the presence of drug in the body, once you get rid from the treatment these effects will also get eliminated. If any other side effects occur, then contact your doctor.

Important Information:

Do not take this drug if you have problem of bleeding disorder. Avoid Mifeprex tablets if there is suspected or known breast cancer. It can pass in the breast milk of nursing mother, so it should not give to the breast feeding or pregnant women. This drug has chances of vaginal bleeding so avoid swimming after the drug administration. Do not take grape juice with Mifeprex. It may cause dizziness so avoid the work which requires greater mental concentration. Some lab test should be done to check the efficacy of the drug. Mifeprex tablets is not for the use of children less than 15 years.

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